Go! Together: GoGuardian DEI Identity

In 2023, I worked with GoGuardian's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team to craft a logo and a vibrant internal visual identity for their department and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that better reflected their refreshed positioning and infused joy into their internal communications. 

The DEI team emphasized integrating their three pillars (I. People & Culture; II. Equity, Research, & Development; III. Accessibility) into the identity's ethos and logomark. In seeking a symbol that encapsulated all facets of GoGuardian, I conducted an audit of each product's tone and brand palette, aiming to define a unifying element that struck a balance between familiarity and innovation.
After exploring various concepts–including symbols for people and check marks, ampersands, circles, and venn diagrams—we collectively chose the "GO!" iteration. Derived from the initial letters of "GoGuardian," the new mark features a friendlier typeface with a customizable geometric 'O' for each ERG, conveying action, teamwork, and an energetic "go team!" attitude.

To ensure the logomarks authentically reflected the Employee Resource Groups they represent, I sought approval from each ERG for their proposed palette and invited them to select a group name along with an expressive word to be integrated into the logo. This collaborative effort yielded seven distinctive yet cohesive marks, fostering a sense of belonging and pride for each ERG.