Coach Program Suite

As visual designer for this project, I designed a visual system for the Certified Coach Program—comprehensive training on GoGuardian products for teachers—that unifies a broad product suite, sparks delight, and celebrates achievement.
Tasked with first designing Edulastic’s Coach materials, I audited each product’s existing Coach assets to identify opportunities for cohesion throughout the suite. I outlined and compared design options, considering factors such as container shapes, ribbon placement, content hierarchy, illustration fidelity, color palette, and type treatment.
Next, I brainstormed themes to create a consistent voice for the achievement badge system. Through sketches, I evaluated how well these themes aligned with the project's constraints and sought ways to incorporate moments of delight—an important element for the advocates team.
Building upon strong themes and ideas, I developed higher fidelity sketches as a proof-of-concept to ensure the distinctiveness of Edulastic's Coach badge within the larger badge system. I explored various containers, themes, hierarchies, and treatments to find the most flexible and practical solution.
After presenting the in-progress work to the team, we agreed on a "teacher's supply list" theme centered around an Edulastic badge that features a star-shaped award sticker. Considering a possible brand palette shift, I further explored color options for the Edulastic badge and refined the design.
Once the Edulastic badge design was approved, I created shells and proposed imagery for future Coach badges across the product suite. I also implemented basic governance measures to ensure a smooth handoff to future designers. With the Edulastic Coach badge and the badge system established, I proceeded to design the remaining campaign deliverables and templates.

Landing page for the Edulastic Certified Coach Training program.

Celebratory email that Edulastic coaches receive upon program completion.